Let's pick up any modern web application and if we see inline technologies on development, most are based on Angular, React, Native, Vue, etc. Majorly all are based on a Component-based approach. The main advantage of having this is Code Reusability, Ease of maintenance, single-point change, etc.

In this blog, we are going to integrate Lighthouse with our Test automation framework and running them on Docker. If You are not aware of Lighthouse and basic integration with the Test automation framework, I will suggest going through my previous blog LightHouse Integration with Test Automation Framework.

Pre-requistiute :

Have you ever thought, when we search something on any Engine eg. Google, Safari, etc, How they reflect a set of results only despite having tons of data related to the same content.

How do Search engines filter out the data from huge data?

Why my website page is not…

Code coverage by functional testing will give a clear matrix for our frequently asked questions. like -

  1. is my functional tests are enough to cover all conditional statements of source code.
  2. are test cases redundant?
  3. did we reach our quality goals or do we need to increase our coverage?


Let me give my brief intro about my Education background -

I have done my schooling from JNV…Yes I am a Navodayan. Merit holder in 10th CBSE with 10 CGPA , 12th PCM with 95%..Won college level coding competitions , Gold Medalist in RTU for four years of academic performance…

Are you exploring -

  1. How to do performance testing using automation?
  2. What all matrices should be taken care of while measuring performance, accessibility testing?
  3. what is my status of SEO?
  4. what all are the best development practices?
  5. which tool I can use to make it possible — any open-source tool…

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