Are you feeling low about being tester not developer?

2 min readJul 14, 2021


Let me give my brief intro about my Education background -

I have done my schooling from JNV…Yes I am a Navodayan. Merit holder in 10th CBSE with 10 CGPA , 12th PCM with 95%..Won college level coding competitions , Gold Medalist in RTU for four years of academic performance in my Graduation.. Cracked GATE 2018 and 2020 also with AIR 1348.

And today I am a Tester. I do both Manual and Automation Testing. It doesn't mean that I am not good in coding that's why I am not a developer. Truth is I never tried for being a Developer…

In my initial 1 Year of Job, I never bothered about job profile. I had Job and Money .. I should be happy and fortunately I was. I shifted to Bangalore and had very minimal contact with my Social Media. When I shifted back to Gurugram and Met with friends.. They asked me my Profile.. I proudly replied everytime that I am a Tester in an MNC. I got little down response.. "Yrr tu to topper thi or tu tester kyn.. developer kyn nhi (You were topper and why are you aTester not a developer)".. That time I just ignored.. but same talk I started hearing very frequently.. Then I thought .. am I missing something?..

The first thing that I did was.. I updated my Linkdln profile by editing my Role from "Associate Quality Engineer" to "Associate L1".

Yes !! I also felt low for being a tester not developer. I felt but I don't feel now.

Both has their own advantage, what actually you do being Tester is matters alot.

  1. you are assuring quality, You can play a vital role in Business growth as your perception will be from Users point of View.
  2. You know whole Product, each feature and Complete flow from backend to front end.
  3. If coding excites you, You can do wonder with Automation. Quality at high speed will be at your end.

You should not be ashamed of being a Tester.

Happy Testing !!